Slip & Fall Personal Injury Lawyers


Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. However, this doesn't mean the people whose negligence caused the accident shouldn't be held liable for any injuries sustained. Slip and fall accidents are incredibly common yet entirely preventable. Though they may not seem like a very serious incident, they can cause a number of dangerous and sometimes fatal injuries--such as fractures, sprains, broken bones, brain or back injury, or more.

These situations may arise due to the negligence of a custodian, construction worker, business or property owner, or even the city if the accident occurs in a public place--no matter who is at fault, you cannot and should not have to face them alone. Both business owners and homeowners are at fault if their property presents a risk for patrons or otherwise.

The following may be causes of a slip and fall injury:

  • Bad weather, such as rain, snow, or ice
  • Poorly maintained stairs
  • Slippery walking surfaces
  • Cluttered floors
  • Uneven sidewalk, carpet, or other flooring
  • Damaged or broken walkways
  • Wet or slick floors
  • Inadequate or absent lighting
  • Broken or missing handrails or stair rails
  • Broken-down parking lots


Slip and fall accidents occur most often due to the negligence of another, which is why it is essential you enlist in the help of a strongminded and experienced personal injury lawyer the moment you sustain and injury. At The Potter Law Firm, we are committed to helping you get back on your feet following an unexpected injury or accident.

Whether you are in need of compensation due to your medical bills, loss of work, or pain and suffering, we want to help. Our legal team will hold the responsible party liable, because we believe litigation is essential in protecting the public from further dangerous accidents or injuries from occurring.

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