Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Texarkana


When pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles, the outcome is often devastating. At The Potter Law Firm, we represent pedestrians and their families in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits of this nature. Since our founding attorney, Charles Potter, started practicing law in 1965, we have dedicated our practice to helping people in and around Texarkana, Arkansas with their legal matters. This includes pedestrian accidents. We are committed to compassionate, driven legal representation that gives our clients the greatest opportunity at a fair settlement or jury award. When you work with a Texarkana pedestrian accident lawyer at our firm, you have the benefit of our decades of experience by your side - inside and outside of the civil courtroom.

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Pedestrians have specific rights on Arkansas roadways. When motorists violate these rights, they place pedestrians in grave danger. This may include such conduct as turning right on a red light while a pedestrian is crossing the street, failing to check before reversing out of a parking space or driveway, or driving while distracted. Our team can complete an exhaustive investigation into your accident to determine exactly what factors contributed to its occurrence. This will allow us to determine and prove fault and therefore seek financial compensation for your injuries.

Our Texarkana pedestrian accident attorneys have handled cases involving accidents caused by:

  • Drunk driving
  • Driving while distracted (texting while driving, etc.)
  • Inexperienced, teen drivers
  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Inadequate or faulty street signs, crosswalks, or traffic signals

If you're ready to hold the at-fault party accountable so you can recover a fair settlement or award that will help you rebuild your life, you have come to the right place. The Potter Law Firm is ready to help.

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